Interactive 3D Virtual Tours – More than a Video

Technology That Maximizes Your Services, Your Time, Your Budget

A 3D Virtual Tour is an interactive digital replica of interior spaces and exterior views. Precision scans replicate colors, textures, dimensions, and details which combine to create an immersive, life-like experience. Access is 24/7 and shared on any digital platform. Embed on websites for a broad impact or share with specific clients for a private preview. A 3D virtual tour elevates your digital presence easily.

User Controlled – A 3D virtual tour is more than a video. It’s a fully interactive digital tour which the user controls by using a mouse, keypad, or touchscreen. The user can go through every open door, view every angle, see the outside views from any window, inspect close-up details, or take the stairs to the next floor. Record dimensions of rooms, objects, windows, and more in Measurement Mode. Properties can be explored and inspected in-depth and in detail anytime on any digital device – desktop or mobile.

The Process – Property scans can be completed in a matter of hours. Post-production work can be completed in a matter of days. Requested add-ons, from Info-Tags to schematic floor plans further enhance the final product. The result is a set of 3D virtual tours accessed via a project specific URL that can be embedded into any digital platform – websites to emails, social media to texts, design programs and insurance software. Standard hosting is for up to one year – access can be shutoff as needed or extended beyond one year if requested.

Easy to Use - With no software to download, apps to purchase, or special equipment required, a 3D Virtual Tour is accessible to anyone and can be integrated into any digital platform – websites, emails, social media, design platforms, regulatory submissions, and more.

SPACE 3D Virtual Tour Package includes:

  • On-site high-resolution digital scan
  • Post-production editing
  • Project specific URL hosted up to one year with unlimited access.
  • 3D virtual tour – interactive walkthrough controlled by the user example 3d walkthrough interface
  • Dollhouse view – interactive cut-away view of all floors example dollhouse view
  • Floorplan view – interactive birds eye view of all floors and individually example floorplan view
  • VR View – available to be used in conjunction with Virtual Reality Headset or Handset
  • Measurement Mode - add room and object dimensions

Add-Ons include:

  • Info-Tags – Add room labels, equipment specs, links, pop-up videos, pdfs, and more to further enhance property tours. Can be used to share property highlights, directions, special features and room dimensions.
  • Schematic Floor Plans – To-scale schematics in pdf form
  • Property files for Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Insurance Use
  • Publish to Google Street View – For Commercial properties only
  • Extended Hosting – extend hosting beyond the standard year.