3d Virtual Reality - What it is and Do You Need It?

Marketing, Planning, Communications

First, what is it - It’s an exact digital replica of any existing space and it’s a leading-edge technology that is fast becoming a standard business tool. It’s a 3D virtual scan of your industrial, commercial, retail, rental, or private space that can be used to enhance and maximize marketing, management, communication and information sharing. It can solve management problems, save onsite time, increase sales and enhance client service and satisfaction.

Example But there are misconceptions about 3D virtual reality. So, here is what it is not:

  • A static 360 photograph
  • A “virtual” video with no user control
  • A cool idea but it's expensive and requires special equipment, software, and user training

None of that is true.

What a true 3D virtual scan is that it’s a detailed data scan that turns any space into an accurate, immersive, user-controlled digital replica. From any screen, any unskilled user can control a walk-through of any space and see true-to-life and accurate colors, textures, views, perspectives and measurements from any angle and for as long as needed.

And here are some of the Why’s you should be interested in it:

  • Check out your digital space from any device – laptop, tablet, phone, projection screen.
  • View it on any platform - website, social media, email, text.
  • Insert into MLS, architectural and BIM software, Insurance quote programs, etc
  • See and share any built space, and everything in the space, 24/7 from the conference table or the comfy couch.
  • User-controlled with a touch screen, touch pad, or mouse.
  • No new software or apps required
  • Multiple view choices give access to multiple perspectives – floor plan, dollhouse, interior views. Tour each room and each floor, inspect a countertop, check the ductwork, measure the nook to see if the couch will fit, complete the as-built checklist, go outside for the 360 view of the exterior, check out the view from the living room.
  • Multiple products – 3D 4K walk-throughs, High-Resolution print quality photos, OBJ files, colorized point clouds, 3D google street view of commercial properties
  • Added Functionality – Info-Tags, Measurement Mode, 360 exterior view, schematic floor plans and more

You can choose who, where, and why you share the flexible and 3D virtual tour of your spaces.

Look around our website or give us a call or email me directly to learn more. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your business needs and your ideas.

Mike Heist