Measurement Tool Brings Functional Gains To 3d Virtual Scans

How often have you left a project site only to find you’ve forgotten an important measurement? What if real estate property is not local and the distance between point a and point b need to be known? With the Measurement Mode, these questions can be answered easily, accurately, and remotely.

Measure rooms, nooks and niches, hallways, counter overhangs, windows – any object inside the scanned space. Dimensions can be provided as part of 3D Virtual Property Tours used for marketing campaigns, MLS listings, Project Management portfolios, or Facility Inspection documentations.

Measurement Mode tool

  • A great tool for architects, interior designers, construction and renovation managers, remote real estate transactions and any other project where a measurement can facilitate design, planning, management, informational or facility maintenance needs.
  • A time-saving feature for insurance adjusters documenting property conditions, assessing claims, and calculating recovery costs.
  • A value-added standard feature to use with online marketing efforts. Any user, from the comfort of their kitchen table, can answer the question of how wide a hallway is, how deep is that recess, or even “will our couch fit there?” An engaging feature that creates interest and satisfaction.
  • An elevated existing client experience. Share a 3D Virtual Tour of properties of interest with room measurements integrated into the digital tour. Users can also measure any additional space and any object with the easy to use Measurement Tool, standard with any scan.

No tape measure, no backtracking, no “I don’t know” responses to the question “how wide is that doorway?”

Room Dimensions using Measurement Mode tool

Another tool to maximize the functionality of any 3D Virtual Scan. Contact us for more information on any of our services.

Mike Heist