3D Virtual Tours for Museum, Art Galleries and Cultural Spaces

Museum Director and Gallery Curators: What do you do when your audience has to stay away?

Social distancing and stay-at-home directives have closed openings, cancelled student field trips, interrupted dissertation research and put the kibosh on those mid-week sneak peaks of special time-sensitive exhibitions.

3D Virtual Visits allows you to throw open the doors and welcome audiences back into your galleries and museums. A true 3D virtual tour provides an immersive, user-controlled walk-through of your spaces and exhibits – way more fun and informative than a simple video. From the comfort of home and a click of a mouse, visitors can experience what amounts to a private, guided tour of your exhibitions:

The 21c Museums Hotels are public museums as well as hotels located throughout the United States. Normally open 24/7 and accessible to everyone, all locations are currently shutdown. To engage their customer base and continue to showcase artists and arts, we worked with them to build this 3D Virtual Tour:
21c Museum, Cincinnati

Build a tour that is informative, engaging, and enriching. Colors and textures are true-to-life – rich, robust, exact digital replicas. Use Info-Tags that goes deeper into artist statements and show details with videos, audio guides, articles and more. We’re also building tours for smaller sites looking to document facilities and expand marketing reach:

The Behringer-Crawford Museum is a small regional historical museum. To document their exhibits, we created a 3D Virtual Tour of the entire facility. When stay-at-home orders shut the doors, they engaged their community by sharing the Virtual Museum Visit and creating a fun virtual hide-and-seek game through the museum with ticket rewards to future events.
Behringer-Crawford Museum

There are many ways to use a 3D Virtual Tour. For internal communications or external marketing and engagement – it is a flexible technology that can meet the needs of most any specific facility or mission. Whether to overcome mandatory social distancing or when you’re fully functioning, there are functional, informative, time and money-saving ways to incorporate one into your operational and marketing plans.

Take a closer look and imagine how you can put it to use

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