Quick Questions/Quick Answers

What, When, How, and Who’s of the SPACE Virtual Tour Process

Here you’ll find short-hand answers to the basic questions of the Space 3D Virtual Tour. Follow the links for more in-depth information. Have more questions? Give us a call (859-545-9911) or send us an email (mike.heist@3Dtourmakers.com) – we would love to talk to you about your project ideas.

What it is/What it is not

A 3D Virtual Tour is: An interactive digital replica of a physical space. With high-resolution data scanning collects thousands of data points. The result is a rich, immersive experience rich with color, textures, dimension, and even views to the outside. Visitors navigate a walk-through at their pace, at their convenience with 360 views and Info-Tags to add to the experience. Engaging, informative, and efficient. See our Pickled Pig deli 3d Virtual Tour

A video is not a virtual tour: A true 3D virtual tour is fully interactive, controlled by the user with a mouse, keypad, or touchscreen. The user can linger in a space, explore every angle, bypass areas, and return to others. Users can explore a space in-depth with a virtual walk-through that they control. Add Info-Tags and links and a 3D virtual tour elevates your digital presence beyond the impact of a non-interactive video. See our Verandas @ the Views 3D Virtual Tour

A Virtual Tour versus a Virtual REALITY Tour: You can do either with our standard tour package. The difference is: A Virtual Tour is what you will experience by simply viewing it without special equipment. The experience is integrative, controlled by the viewer, and the experience is rich, immersive, and detailed.

A Virtual Reality Tour is what you will experience if you view the tour using a Virtual Reality Headset or hand controls. The experience is even more complete, submersing you in the environment. This is a special experience and can be beneficial in certain circumstances. Equipment does not have to be expensive – let us know if you are interested in taking your tours to this level

Services, Scheduling & Pricing

The basic 3D Virtual Tour Service: Your 3D virtual reality tour includes a high-resolution scan of all included spaces. Post-production editing finalizes your tour with any upgrades and add-ons such as Info-Tags. The result is a project specific URL with unlimited access for up to one year. This includes not only the interactive 3D virtual tour, but also the dollhouse (cut-away) view of all floors, and floorplan views. We will advise on how, where, and why to use your scan: websites, emails, MLS listings, client emails and more.

Turn-around time: Onsite time is determined by square footage and client specific needs. Once scheduled, typical scans take a matter of hours. Basic post-production service can be completed in a matter of days. Add-on services such as Info-Tags, links or labeling will require more time and will be determined per project.

Pricing: 3D Virtual tour packages are priced by square footage of the property. Base prices for residential properties range from just over $300 for up to 3,000 sq. ft., to $660 for a residential property up to 5,000 sq. ft. (Pricing & Scheduling page)

Equipment Needs

Special software or apps are NOT required: Each space scanned has a unique URL that can be shared how you like. Embed in websites, share on social media posts, add to a client specific or marketing email. User navigates simple onsite directions with a mouse, keypad, or touchpad.

Special equipment is NOT required: No headsets, gloves, or handset are needed. All you need is any digital screen - mobile, desktop, multi-media system – to view and a mouse, keypad, or touchscreen to navigate through your property.

VR headsets: While purchasing and using VR headsets creates an even more immersive experience, not everyone is comfortable with that experience. VR head or handsets are also not necessary to get the full-benefit of a 3D VR walk-though. Using a mouse or keypad to move around your digital site will give you in-depth, engaging experience of any property of interest.

Ease of Use

Not all users are tech-savvy: Not a problem. If your clients can navigate a website, they can navigate a 3D virtual tour. By linking to the unique URL and point and clicking with a mouse, keypad, or touchscreen, users conduct self-directed walkthroughs, view floor plans and cutaway views. The result is a “like I was there” inspection of properties of interest from all angles.

Property Prep

Clean and neat is the goal. A Space 3D scan records everything exactly as is - this is the beauty of the process. It also can highlight clutter, dirt, damage. Before our visit, take note of the following:

    Clean, sweep, organize, dust all spaces and surfaces.
  • Remove personal items, out of place items from view. The less cluttered the better.
  • Replace all burnt out bulbs; have replacements on hand. Turn on all lights.
  • Turn off or remove all moving features, i.e. fans, equipment
  • Turn off TVs, computers, monitors.
  • No pets or people.

Staging is a plus: Staging is the purposeful placement of all items in a space. Spaces with appropriate furniture and equipment just shows better. Even industrial and commercial spaces benefit from some organization. Hire a professional or prepare the space yourself. If going it alone, our advice is to have someone unfamiliar with the site to do a walk-through – fresh-eyes catch out-of-place or distracting items that those familiar with the site may not.